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Things Took a Turn is an annual animation anthology that challenges artists of marginalized genders

to create new animated short stories by twisting familiar narratives



– Participants must pick a known story or trope and find a new way to change or interpret it into a short animation. This can mean keeping tropes as loose threads of your story or reinterpreting a pre-existing piece, but there MUST be a noticeable change at some point. Alternatively, participants may also write an original short within the theme.

– Participants should identify as female, trans, non-binary, or genderqueer


– let's see all the great work you animators and designers have to offer!

– Final submissions must be between 5 seconds and 3 minutes long. 

– All experience levels welcome.

– Collaborations welcome, but also this could be a cool opportunity to challenge yourself to do something outside your comfort zone!

– One entry per person/team

– English subtitles are encouraged for pieces with voiceover.

– At the end, submissions will be curated into one long video!


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