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Creator Q&A: Hannah Guay

1. What is your name, what do you do, and which film did you make?

Hannah Guay, Motion Designer and Video Editor, "Gay Medusa." 2. What experience do you have creating art and animation?

I have been creating since 2012 with an emphasis on motion design since 2014.

3. What inspired you to pick the story you chose?

I have always loved Medusa and her story. I wanted to give her a positive twist.

4. What was your process for making your film?

Each day I tackled a little chunk. I used Joysticks'n'Sliders for the faces.

5. How long did it take to make?

3 weeks.

6. How experienced were you with narrative and story-based projects before making your altered fairytale? None! I focus mostly on social media ads and explainers. 7. What was the easiest part? The inspiration and design. 8. What was the hardest part? Rigging the face, getting the timing right. 9. What was your favorite part? Loved giving a gay twist to this piece and endless rainbows. 10. Do you have words of wisdom for anyone who might want to create an animated short of their own? Start with a large concept with the sky as the limit, then parse it down according to your limitations (are you doing it solo, do you have much spare time to devote, etc).

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