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Things Took a Turn 2020 Postponed to 2021

Hello all,

Out of respect for those affected by the stressors of this insane year, I will be postponing Things Took a Turn: On a Dark and Stormy Night to 2021. Submissions and signups will remain open, the deadline will be moved to September 2021.

This anthology was created as an inclusive space for female, trans, and nonbinary artists to experiment with animation and create beautiful things, and it should go without saying that this project and I as the sole creator support a diverse, encouraging environment in animation and motion design. But nothing good should ever go without saying, and so I'll tell you right now that black lives matter, and black lives are in danger from the systems that have been created over time by cultural white supremacy in the United States and other countries. This anthology does not make any money, it's entirely run by me in my spare time on my dime. I've donated to some of these organizations independently, and I wanted to provide some links to fundraisers should any of you want to help. This is the time to speak up and make a change. NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund

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