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Things Took a Turn!

Welcome to Things Took a Turn, a new, lady-animated anthology! This year, Things Took a Turn features the theme of Once Upon a Time- fairytales and folktales!

Inspired by Late Night Work Club and the Ladies in Mograph Girl Gang Gif Challenge, I created Things Took a Turn in order to provide an open door for female-identifying and non-binary artists to create short narrative animations with enough guidelines to make it a fun challenge rather than a magnum opus.

I hope to reach as many artists possible with enough time to spare before the May 31st deadline so that everyone can have the chance to contribute, so please, follow and share! Designers are welcome, and collaborations are encouraged!

In the meantime, I will be posting regular updates on this blog with links to resources, online animation communities, and other fun stuff.

Stay tuned!


Poster design by Andrea Schmitz

Poster layout by Sami Kiyono

Title text by Luisa Ulhoa


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